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Are you a woman of faith fighting perfectionism?


As Christian women, overcoming perfectionism involves trusting in God's plan rather than striving for personal control. Remembering that God values our efforts over perfection can help us embrace our imperfections as a testament to His grace.


Are you looking to be free from the fear of failure?


For Christian entrepreneurs, the fear of failure can be mitigated by understanding that our identity lies in Christ, not in our successes or failures. Viewing setbacks as learning opportunities guided by God helps in embracing risks and challenges in business.



Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?

Imposter syndrome can be overcome by grounding our identity in Christ and recognizing our talents as God-given. Focusing on serving others through our work and seeking support from a faith community are key to combating feelings of inadequacy.

Fontineese Green, Speaker, Coach
Fontineese Green, Coach, Speaker

Who is House of Divelle?

 Hi! I'm Fontineese Green, a passionate personal and business coach with a heart for ministry and empowerment. After years of navigating the business world and witnessing the lack of resources tailored to the unique challenges faced by Christian women, I felt called to create a beacon of support and guidance.​


House of Divelle was born out of my desire to merge professional excellence with spiritual integrity. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for daily coaching tips.

Best Selling Author, Top Producing Real Estate Agent, Executive Coach


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