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Chosen Circle Group Coaching

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House of Divelle proudly presents a unique group coaching program, Chosen Circle, meticulously crafted for Christian women entrepreneurs and real estate professionals. This program is more than just a course—it's a transformative journey that intertwines spiritual growth, personal development, and professional excellence. At its core, it is anchored in biblical principles, offering a nurturing space for women to explore their faith and integrate it seamlessly into every facet of their lives and careers. Participants will be part of an uplifting community, engaging in deep, meaningful discussions that foster both spiritual enlightenment and business acumen. Designed to empower and inspire, this program offers an oasis of support, learning, and growth, encouraging each member to thrive not only in their professional endeavors but also in their personal lives. Embrace this opportunity to grow, connect, and flourish in an environment that celebrates faith, purpose, and the power of a community united by shared values and goals.

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Group Coaching, $97.00/month


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